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Through collaboration and partnerships, we aim to provide mentorship, educational opportunities, and access to resources to pave the way for young women in water from South Asia. Collectively, strong alliances with industries, organizations, and institutions can drive meaningful change in the region by creating a more inclusive and diverse sector. The United Nations has established that the youth engagement in the water sector is going to be critical in achieving the ambitious targets of SDG 6: as present and future leaders and inspirers of change. Therefore, it is important to enable young women in water towards meaningful engagement as vital stakeholders and future decision makers.

We are seeking collaborations and partnerships for:

  • Capacity building programs and mentorship for young women water professionals
  • A global learning and knowledge exchange platform for uninhibited collaboration
  • Talent development and research excellence to promote future leadership focused on water management in South Asia¬†
Together we enable, honor and celebrate the contributions of Women in Water!

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