Our Focus

Emerging water professionals from South Asia who are passionately committed to addressing water issues and sanitation challenges in the region.
Join us if you are a:

A Water professional driven by a desire to come together as a regional community to make a substantial impact in the realm of gender inclusive water management and sanitation.

• Eager to network with like-minded individuals and organizations to exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, and drive collective action.

• Seeking opportunities for professional development, skill-building, and mentorship to enhance their capabilities and effectiveness in addressing water challenges.

• Committed to promoting gender equality and inclusivity within the water sector, advocating for greater representation and recognition of women's contributions and leadership

Our Dedication

• Providing opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and advocacy

• Challenging stereotypes and celebrating accomplishments of South Asian women water professionals in the field

• Facilitating knowledge exchange and capacity-building initiatives to empower young women water professionals with the skills and resources needed to effect positive change.

• Creating a supportive and inclusive community where members can share experiences, seek advice, and offer support to one another.

• Offering platforms for showcasing innovative solutions, research findings, and best practices in water management and sanitation, thereby inspiring others and driving innovation in the field