Why we need more young women in water

Water is essential for life, but it is also a source of many problems. South Asia is facing water crises such as scarcity, pollution, flooding, drought, and conflict. These crises affect millions of people, especially young women who suffer from lack of access to safe water and sanitation.

Young women are not only victims of water problems, but also solutions. They have the potential to transform the way water is managed and governed in South Asia. They have the skills, knowledge, and passion to address the water challenges and create a water-secure future.

That is why we created SAYWiW (South Asian Young Women in Water), a network of young women water professionals who are leading and inspiring the world with their commitment to water resource management and equitable access. SAYWiW empowers young women with opportunities, recognition, and support. SAYWiW also amplifies their voice and influence on international policy development.

SAYWiW is changing the face of water management in South Asia by empowering young women. We need more young women in water to make a difference. Join us and be part of the change!